Coaching Tips (Belle River District Minor Hockey Association)

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Here Are A Few Tips For Coaching Success...

Here are a few tips for Coaching Success, we believe should be top of mind...

Know Yourself
- Why do you want to coach and what do you want to achieve?

A Question of Sport - The better your understanding of the techniques and skills of a sport the better equipped you
are to pass these on.

Be Positive - Patience and praise work a lot better than criticism and shouting.

Variety is the Key - Avoid drills where kids have to sit out

Teach Skills & Demonstrate- Demonstrating a skill works much better than talking about it.

Involve Everybody - Create small groups of players rather than one big group.

Communicate - Actions speak louder than words. Body language is important.

Sense and Sensitivity - Some players take longer than others to learn so adopt your style accordingly. To keep
players motivated it helps to be consistent, set achievable goals and give frequent feedback.

Take it from the Top - Lead by example and gain trust and respect. Coaches of players are role models and this
carries responsibility. How you behave, dress and your attitude all set an example. If you
adhere to consistent high standards this will rub off.