OMHA Champions and Finalists History, Accomplishments (Belle River District Minor Hockey Association)

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OMHA Champions and Finalists History
BRDMHA OMHA Champions and Finalists
Year Division Category Accomplishment Notes
1974 Juvenile C Finalists
1975 Midget B Finalists
1978 Peewee B Finalists
1980 Bantam B Finalists
1982 Midget BB Champions
1982 Peewee BB Champions
1984 Peewee BB Champions
1987 Bantam BB Champions
1990 Bantam BB Champions
1992 Atom A Finalists
1992 Min Atom A Champions
1993 Atom A Finalists
1994 Min. Peewee A Champions
1995 Peewee A Champions
1996 Midget A Finalists
1997 Bantam AE1 Champions
2000 Atom A Finalists
2001 Novice AE1 Finalists Picture
2002 Peewee A Champions Picture
2003 Bantam AE2 Finalists
2003 Peewee AE2 Finalists
2004 Peewee A Champions Picture
2004 Min. Bantam A Finalists
2006 Novice AA Champions
2006 Bantam AE2 Finalists
2006 Bantam A Champions
2007 Midget A Champions Picture
2007 Bantam AE2 Finalists
2008 Midget AA Champions Picture
2009 Bantam AA Finalists
2012 Novice AA Champions Picture
2013 Min. Atom AA Champions Picture
2014 Midget AE1 Champions Picture
2015 Novice AA Champions Picture
2015 Novice AE1 Finalists  
2017 Novice AA Champions  
2017 Novice AE1 Champions  
2018 Midget AA Champions  
2018 Novice AE1 Finalist  
 2019 Novice  AA Finalist  
2019 Midget Minor AA Finalist  

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