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Welcome To BRDMHA Coaching Development

Good players need talent, but they also need great coaching...


The BRDMHA strongly believes that a focus on the ongoing development of our coaches is essential for the long term growth and success of our players, coaches and teams.

It takes time to build up coaching skills and experience, but help is available. A task of the BRDMHA is to look after the development of coaches at every level of our organization.

Whether you're a coach of a younger team or an older team, your goal is the same: You want to develop the skills of your players individually, while allowing them to work together as a team.

In the upcoming months BRDMHA will be offering coaching clinics focused around the teaching methods of players skill development and certification requirements needed to be a rostered coach for BRDMHA.

Click here to see what's available and to enroll... BRDMHA Clinic Enrollment